being seen and valued because of WHO you are, your unique skills, talents and experience, so that the perfect clients rush to you.


taking a stand for what matters and making a big impact, all while honoring your lifestyle, your energy, your truth.


inspiring people and changing lives with your unique and powerful message that drips with confidence, passion and purpose.



Your message is the key to change lives and  unleash a flood of credibility, clients and cash in your business.

We’re going to turn your expertise into movement that makes a big impact, fulfills your purpose and grows your revenue.


You’ll learn how to grow your business in alignment with your lifestyle and energy.


Uncover the gold in your unique personality, purpose, and passion and turn it into a client generating movement. Get ready for an eye opening deep dive into newfound self-awareness that reveals your greatest value.


Create your unique message that will make you stand out from the crowd. Learn the steps to confidently deliver your message both online and in person so that  it creates credibility, clients and cash.


Uncover your real reason for being in business with a story that is so inspiring it instantly creates a connection with your audience and has them line up to work with you. Learn the steps to connect your story with your brand and stand out from the competition.

The moment you join, you will be given access to our Unleashed Private Facebook Group so you can connect and start to collaborate with the other people attending, you’ll receive special pre event announcements and make arrangements for room shares and fun outing while visiting the great Pacific Northwest.

We will host several special interviews and trainings with our guest speakers prior to the event so you can prepare for an incredible experience of learning and growth.

Pre-Event Live

Arrive at the lodge and be greeted by the roaring fire as you settle in to your organic cotton bed. Refresh yourself with a short walk or some Pacific Northwest star gazing before enjoying the spa and receiving some much needed and well deserved pampering. Save & Exit

DAY 1: BE REALdayone

Create your one of a kind message that inspires your ideal clients to work with you.

You have a message that someone needs to hear. But they are waiting… for YOU to share it.

You’ll learn how to make a big impact with your message, breakthrough the noise and limitations that have held you back and experience a higher level of visibility, credibility and influence.


Build a platform with your unique message to create credibility, clients and cash.

Learn the steps to follow to use your message to grow your business.

Discover how to create high visibility with facebook, speaking and webinars.

Discover your unique brand and how to create a stand out platform in the market.


Do the work you were meant to do, make the world a better place, and profit big.

The Art Of Telling Your Story

Your story holds the key to transformation for other people, but how much do you share? How vulnerable should you be? Discover how to create a hot offer by sharing your story that will instantly connect with your clients. Learn the simple step-by-step system to share your story and touch those who need your services.

Turn Your Message Into Your Brand

Now that you are crystal clear about your unique message, it’s time for you to stand out with a hot brand. You will leave this session ready to rock your biz and sell your transformational program.

Facebook Made Simple

You know that social media is a catalyst for fast visibility but how do you best use it to optimize your business? Learn the in’s and out’s of facebook groups, facebook live and facebook ads

You will leave the event changed and to support you we will continue to add value to your experiences with follow-up calls, facebook live events and a strong community of collaborative entrepreneurs supporting one another.

This transformational experience will change you forever. You will leave renewed, refreshed and inspired, with your plan in hand and a supportive community at your side.

arrowYou will write your story, create your program title and signature system as well as your speaking topics while you are there.

arrowYou will have the opportunity hop on the hot seat to receive 1-on-1 coaching live from me so you know exactly what action to take and how to blast through any fear, doubts, or resistance.

arrowI will laser focus to give you clarity so you can to see through the clutter and know exactly what you will share with the world.

arrowYou will have a ton of fun and be part of a fire ceremony and drum circle outside overlooking the gorgeous Columbia River.

Open Mic Sessions will give you the chance to share your message or story LIVE on the stage.


arrowThis is your chance to experience the beauty and power of the Pacific Northwest.


arrowSecret missions that will challenge and delight you throughout the event.

You will be treated to:

A relaxing and refreshing pre-event  experience.

Fun gifts and drawings.

Unbelievable people, new friends and amazing connections


Located in the Columbia River Gorge, near Portland, Oregon. The resort offers a distinctly Pacific Northwestern experience, featuring a three-story stone fireplace, sweeping river views in the main lobby, two locally-inspired restaurants, an outdoor zip line, the Skamania Lodge Golf Course and a full-service spa.


Facebook Advertising Expert and Business Growth Accelerator Tammy Lane is fiercely committed to guiding service-based entrepreneurs to stop pounding the pavement for each and every client and create an automatic client flow from Facebook advertising so they can have the business and lifestyle they’ve been dreaming about.


Andrea Sullenger helps service-based entrepreneurs achieve a fast path to profits. She takes the sting out of the daunting task of unraveling who to work with, where to find them, how to attract them and how to invite them to say, “yes”, to your programs, products or services. Andrea will help you create your future with a powerful visioning process.


Isabelle is a momentum generator – pure and simple. Her passion is to help entrepreneurs raise the bar and create massive value to build and deliver outstanding experiences.

Isabelle’s sole purpose as a brand builder and business performance catalyst is to empower change and growth.



Bridget Boland is a shamanic energy healer certified by The Four Winds, an award-winning writer, Forrest Yoga teacher, birth and death coach, and former attorney. Bridget strives to provide a sanctuary for students to explore their emotional, energetic and physical landscapes through breath, movement and energetic processes.  


In these changing times, Katie provides you with the personal insights to reveal your clear path to self awareness. Her sound healing will open your heart and connect you with your inner gold. Katie comes from 10 years of Corporate Sales and Marketing and now creates extraordinary insights to her audience from her rich background and experiences.


Patti Keating is the creator of Be Real Marketing and founder of The Entrepreneur Unleashed. She is the online mindset mentor for a new wave of purpose-driven online entrepreneurs. Her #1 podcast “The Entrepreneur Unleashed” and her “Unleashed” Programs provide a fresh and fun process to design an outrageously amazing life and business while making a big impact in the world.

Patti helps entrepreneurs overcome their fear of being seen and create a deeply aligned business that provides life-changing results for their clients.

Patti is an award winning speaker, podcaster and life long entrepreneur on a mission to help entrepreneurs express who they really are and transform their fear and doubts into power and contribution. She will challenge you to think differently and help you say “Yes!” to your greatest life.